Friday, April 29, 2016

1st Hive inspection

Yesterday was my first Wednesday evening hive inspection.

I am absolutely thrilled with my hives progress.  There are close to twice as many bees in that hive as there were Saturday.  They are furiously populating.

They have gone from filling 2 and a half of the frames that came in the nuc to almost filling all five.  They've even starting paying a little attention to the new frames in the hive.

I didn't do much on the inspection because we were dodging rain showers all day and I didn't want to have them open while it was raining.

I scraped off some extra wax that they were putting in places I didn't want and I didn't know what to do with it, so I stuck it to some of the outside frames to encourage them to go to those.  I don't know if that's right, but I figure, why not.  I dropped a piece in the bottom of the hive and a bee tried to drag it away, so I figure they are attached to it.

I don't know what I'm looking at yet, but there were know beetles, I didn't see any mites and there was a thick coating of bees and capped brood on 4 solid frames.  All that in 4 days, I'm pretty pleased.

I did get stung and of course I came home to an empty box of benadryl.  It was going to happen sooner or later, might as well get it over with.  She got me right through my jeans.  Poor thing got herself caught between my jacket and my pants.  Itches, but even if it is an allergic reaction, it seems to be a mild one.

April 27th  so many more bees, and they've grown it seems

 Go be you, unless you can be a beekeeper, then definitely go be a beekkeeper,

sometimes they like to pretend they're still strays living out of a box.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I am officially a beekeeper

So we got up at 6AM, yeah 6AM...fine I got up at 6:10...whatever, to down to Kelley Bees and pick up my nuc.  I was a little bummed when we picked up our egg an cheese biscuits at the gas station on the way out of town that the bourbon cream doughnuts were already sold out, but OK fine, first world problems.

We arrived around 7:15 Leitchfield time (no idea how to spell that) and had a quick walk through the store.  Yes, I got a tee-shirt.  There was no way I wasn't getting a t-shirt.  I'm a first time beekeeper, nobody calls the new mom out when her 2 month old has more selfies than a Kardashian, and I've got about 20,000 new babies.

Not gonna lie.  Got a little giddy when we rolled up in the parking lot.

mini beehive, in my car

 So, it was suggested that we get the little net sack to put over the nuc since we have an enclosed car and not a truck.  We'll save it for next year, but not one escaped the nuc on the way.
nuc frames installed in their new super
 The instructions said to let them fly around for a day and calm down before we let put them in the hive, but I had to get to work and wouldn't be off until 9, then there was a half hour drive back over there during Thunder Over Louisville, so yeah, we may have jumped the gun a little.
this is me (the Beekeeper) inspecting one fairly impressively filled frame

 Yeah, I claimed I wasn't looking for the queen, but I was kind of hoping.  All in all I'm really pleased with this nuc.  After watching a few videos last night I was preparing myself for disappointment, but I love my girls.  They are sweet and docile and with the exception of one pissy little drone they are all calm as pie.  

Couldn't have asked for a better day to drop them.  Slightly overcast and not too chilly and very little wind.  

The man whose property they are on has been giving me reports about every 3 hours on how they are doing.  He's pretty much as excited as we are.

We also have a resident OG (Old Guy) who has been a beekeeper for about a half a century, he took a look at them while I was at work and found my Queen.  He says she's about 4 weeks old and he was pretty impressed with the nuc as well, so I'm feeling good about my humble beekeeping beginning.

Go be you, unless you can be a beekeeper, then definitely be a beekeeper.


PS: can't leave without a gratuitous Zach picture.
gratuitous Zach picture

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Oh will we ever get to Saturday?

A few months ago, as part of my degree plan, I took a coaching philosophy class.  During this class we had an assignment to build a vision board.  As this is an online class we had to build it as a Power Point slide so that we could upload it.

beekeeper me
the hive has arrived
Now I have never really gone in for this sort of thing, but in the interest of my GPA I put a little bit of though into this.  I included a picture of Scarlett Johansson from behind in that Black Widow costume, cause who wouldn't want that.  I also included a 4 door green Jeep Wrangler, cause yeah, goals.  I also included a pit bull and both a picture of a fancy beehive and a picture of myself from years ago in a beekeeper's suit.

pretty hive

As Part of this class we were also encouraged to watch a show on Netflix called The Secret.  Now this was all about the power of positive thought and visualization.  I thought it was pretty corn ball, but I figure it's a 5 week class so what can it hurt to try a few things out.

One of the easiest visualization techniques described on the show was to take a $1 bill and add a few zeros after the 1 and put it some place where you will see it every day.  In the spirit of the class I took a $1 and added two zeros after the 1 making it $100, hey I'm not greedy.  Approximately 4 weeks later I received a bonus check from work for $92.  I guess there was a discount for my skepticism.

I figured what can it hurt, so I added another zero to my "vision dollar" to make it $1000.  About 5 weeks later I received an unexpected college refund in the amount of $1,100.
my hive all painted and waiting
So, I figured it was already made so I printed my vision board from class up and hung it next to my desk.  Roughly a month after that class ended the vision board was still hanging on my wall and I was wasting some time browsing the internet.  I was checking out a few beekeeping forums and FB pages when I came across an entry from a man who has some undeveloped land in town and wants people to put some beehives on it.  Seriously?!?  This is the opportunity I've been waiting for for over 5 years!  I got in contact with him and over the course of a little over a month we were getting ready to meet when I got an e-mail out of nowhere from another man who wants to put up several beehives on his property, is looking to rebuild his grandfather's orchard with the help of the bees and has the equipment for extracting honey and brewing honey ales!  Needless to say, I'm going with option 2.

My hives are here and painted and I go to pick up my very own box of bees on Saturday.  As of Saturday morning I will officially be responsible for my own bees.

I am four days away from being an honest to goodness beekeeper.
Maybe there is something to positive thinking and visualization, cause the universe seems to have gotten out of my way on this particular project.

Now about that ScarJo butt...

You go be you, unless you can be a beekeeper, then you should definitely go be a beekeeper.

Zach delaying village construction

Monday, April 11, 2016

Just Wow!

So, in 12 days, barring any unforeseen circumstances.  I will be a beekeeper.  Seriously.  That is all.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Adventures of Sally Self-Destructive

I'm at an age where as a woman I am supposed to be in pretty good touch with who I am.  I read this in a book recently, so it must be true.  Everything they write in books is true, right?

All kidding aside, I was surprised to find upon hearing this statement, that it's actually kind of true.  I mean, yeah, I've always been selfish.  I kind of think a lot of that came from just never feeling like I fit anywhere.  I don't really remember a whole lot of times that I didn't just feel alone, inside my books, inside my bubble.  The few times I stepped out and asserted what "I wanted to do when I grew up," I was shot down.  So, I stayed bottled inside.  Missed out on a lot that way.  Was a grown up kid but turned into a childish adult.

So, all of this soul searching was sparked by the two main books I'm reading right not.  The Encyclopedia of Modern Body Building by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  No, I don't want to enter body building competitions.  But if you want to get in shape and help others get in shape, might as well go to the master.  He may be a raging misogynist, but he knows how to grow and shape some muscle.

But as usual, I digress.  It was deep in a hot bathtub with my Kindle (because I learned after chapter 1 that I couldn't hold that beast of a book up and read it for an hour at at time) that I finally decided to admit to my self that I am truly self destructive.  Every goal I have ever set for myself I have found a way to screw it up.

For instance, I lost 30 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's after Skankagedden, only to gain 37 pounds after leaving the state.  I lost 24 pounds after the psycho ex in order to get into basic.  Gained it back with some more my last 3 years in the Air Force.  So, do I need a horrendous betrayal to get fit?  Do I need to be so screwed up and low and emotionally shattered to stay on a program?  What the hell is wrong with me?

I'm in school to be a personal trainer and I haven't lost one frolicking pound.  It's not that I'm that lazy, I like working out.  It's not laziness that keeps me from getting up in the morning.  I think it's more that I'm just tired of fighting, I'm tired of life being so fucking hard.  Yeah, I know, there are a bazillion people out there having a rougher time than I am.  And yeah, I'm in a better place than I was a couple years ago.  But I'll tell you this, those bazillion other people are tired of fighting too, so suck it with your judgement.

But this is how my psyche works.  I get great inspiration on how I'm going to set goals and achieve them at 1AM.  Then in the morning when it's time to step forward I'm going on 4 hours sleep, so I hit the snooze and hit it and hit it and hit it.  Did I mention I have some insomnia?

I know I need to be following an exercise program.  I'm in a group right now that I'm supposed to be working out with and what do I do?  I miss a night's sleep and give into the tired.  I am fighting off a bug I probably got from the cookie bastards at work and I taper off.  Winter hits with its snow and I don't want to leave my blanket hole in the morning, much less deal with crawling into the back corner of the living room repeatedly to drag out the equipment that I need to use daily.

If I do actually make it through a full week of doing the program and hitting the diet I load up a double barrel of pizza delivery and shoot myself in the back fat with it.  Because unfortunately, that's who I am.  Even with my best intentions and multiple tracking devices I manage to get off script and screw it up.  I know from experience that I can never, ever, ever, take my eye off the ball.  When I take my eye off the ball it rolls down a hill and into a hole that's covered by grass, leaves and right now, snow and it takes me a week and a half to find it again.

So, this is me, Sally Self-Destructive, and I've got to find a way to suffocate that bitch so that I can find the shapely and strong hard to love bitch that I started out as, because as stubborn as she was, she could actually get shit done once in awhile.

If this post makes no sense, chalk it up to the fact that I took a melatonin an hour ago and it's 1AM.  Excuse me while I got put my back fat before picture as the background on my phone for the next time I want to buy a mark down pie.

Damn those markdown pies.

Go be you, I'm gonna go be who I once had a chance to be,


Monday, January 18, 2016

Mid Month Stuff

It's the 15th and that means measurements.  Part of the New Year's Resolution stuff is to hit all my scheduled weigh-ins, measurements and progress pictures.

In spite of the pizza incident the day before my last weigh in I am down 2.26 pounds and 2.26 inches.  Strange coincidence.  Now yeah, one of the guys that is in my challenge group for this program (Hammer & Chisel) has lost 12 pounds, but he's a guy and he just came off a cruise, so I'm not going to sweat it.  (especially since I just started actually tracking my calories yesterday)

I'm encouraged to be going in the right direction even if its slow.  Usually, I've had one lapse and given up by the middle of January, but I'm working on this year being better than the previous ones.

Heck, I won $4 dollars on Powerball, anything could happen.

Zack rolling around in my lottery winnings.

Go be you, who else is gonna do it?


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hammer & Chisel Day 9

Max Hammer Strength

OK, this is my favorite.  A pre-exhaust of each exercise followed by 8 reps with max weight.  Hard, but so much fun.

No new moves here, but most of the time traditional works, that's why it becomes a tradition.

Those Bulgarian squats showed up again.  Seriously, who is this Bulgarian and what the hell did I do to him?  I think I can safely say that they were slightly less awkward today.  I could be delusional from the lack of oxygen arriving at my brain from the pull ups.

Nine days into this program, I gotta say I really like it.  It's got variety without being too frightening and I'm starting to look at the Bulgarian squats as my progress move.  Let's see how many I can knock out today before I fall down.

still trying to figure out where they got these stupid short benches though.
Go be you, because nobody else is going to do it.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hammer & Chisel Day 8

Chisel Cardio

Better and worse than I thought it would be.  At my advanced weight I get really tired of jumping around really quick.  This didn't have a lot of jumping around, two rounds of burpees, that's it.  The rest of it mostly involved some weights and the first kettlebell move I think I've seen in a BeachBody workout.   But then I haven't done them all.

I definitely have a lot of places to improve on this workout, but I don't dread it next time it comes around even if it does have that awful C word in it.

I might even have gotten accustomed to Ms. Calabrese, she wasn't nearly as obnoxious in this workout.

Go be you, because nobody else is going to do it.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Hammer and Chisel Day 7

Total Body Hammer

I've been a little under the weather so I'm on a day on day off schedule until I can breathe better.  Hopefully, I'm successfully fighting off a bug, otherwise this is just sinus issues due to the inhuman winter weather.  If I hit the Powerball I'm seriously moving someone that Jimmy Buffett would approve.

But, as per usual, I digress.  Total Body Hammer, with the exception of yet more Bulgarian squats, is my favorite workout in this program by far.  All weights all the time and none of that jumping around crap.

I look forward to this next time it shows up on the calendar as I cringe every time I see a day with the word cardio in it.

Go be you, because who else is gonna do it?


Monday, January 11, 2016

Hammer & Chisel Day 6

Chisel Endurance

Felt a little beat up yesterday, so I slept in.  I picked back up today with Chisel Endurance.  I had it in my mind that this was a cardio workout, which is one reason I couldn't talk myself into doing yesterday.  Legs and ankles hurt and I didn't want to be jumping around on them given that strained both ankles pretty bad on day 2.

But, this was muscle endurance.  So far (and the near injury from day 2 factors into my opinion), this the strongest workout in the program.  Even with the same light weights that I used for Speed Hammer and Iso Chisel this program gave me some Jelly arm on the second round.  Tough and too many push ups, OK two sets of push ups.  But I think when I get good at this one it will feel like an accomplishment.

this was fun, and on the second round after everything else, I got a little bit of the Jell-O arm

I rather like this program so far, but on this first week, it's not quite as difficult as I was expecting.  But there are 50 more days....

Go be you, because who else is gonna do it