Tuesday, October 14, 2014

21 Day Fix Day 1

Full Body Cardio Fix

OK, so I've been doing the diet portion of this program since the first.  I've been doing PiYo and Hip Hop Abs workouts and just didn't get around to trying this one til today.

It's not a terribly inventive workout, but it's not boring.  It moves along at a nice clip and it does the job though.  I was feeling it right away, that's for sure.  Nothing like starting with Surrenders right out of the shoot.  Yowza.

But I think these are a great introduction to working out, especially since they come with the portion control containers.  I think most of us start out exercising and ignore the stuff that happens in the kitchen.  We want to think that if we work out hard enough we can eat anything we want, and sadly for most of us over 35 that is just not the case.  Working out can give you a little more lea way, but it's not a free pass to living on cheetos and chocolate.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Hip Hop Abs Day 10

Fat Burning Cardio
Ab Sculpt

As much fun as this is, I would really like a new workout from this program.  Same stuff for the first 2 weeks straight and I'm starting to notice things I hadn't before.

Like Shuan T seems to sweat a lot around his hips, because his pants are soaked when he goes down for the floor work, and this like any other Beachbody video I've done lately with more than 4 people in it has that one woman that just doesn't feel like she's getting enough attention.  In Ab Sculpt it's the one with the dark hair behind Victoria.

But hey, at least I'm back on track.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Sunday, October 12, 2014


So, about 5 days into the 21 Day Fix I was talking to WorkoutBoy at work (not his really name) about it.  I was saying I was on day 5 and was down close to 5 1/2 pounds.  This conversation took place over the huge snack I was having of turkey meatloaf, cantaloupe and a small salad of greens and mushrooms.

Upon hearing of my pretty decent loss in 5 days (generally 2 pounds a week is optimum) WorkoutBoy immediately launched into how I needed to go on his diet of fasting and drastically reduced intake.


I have noticed for awhile that when it comes to getting fit or losing weight we have gotten to a place of such extremes that we either want to hurt ourselves or just completely give up.  But having somebody sit there and watch me eat really healthy and wholesome food as part of a successful weight loss program and then tell me that I should starve myself for days at a time just really hammered it home.

When it comes to weight loss, nothing is fast enough for us.  Nothing, short of having some doctor hack pieces off of us, is fast enough.  We want it right this second.  We want to take a pill or liquefy all of our vegetables and shit out 5 pounds by morning.

Seriously, it just doesn't work that way.  If you want to change your body you have to change you habits.  You have to change your habits permanently.  As the queen of inconsistency, I have learned and re-learned that lesson over and over.  You have to want it badly enough to change.  Do you want underwear model abs or do you want that beer?  Do I want to fit into my long awaited green embroidered pants or do I want a pan of fluffer nutter brownies?

But it takes time.  It's not denying the brownies one time.  It's denying the brownies over and over again.  It's planning 3 weeks of eating healthy and then relaxing for ONE evening not a week, then getting back on for another 3 weeks.

There is no quick fix for obesity, not for the individual, not for this country.  It's 100 decisions a day.  It's getting up and sweating a little every day.  It's teaching our kids that dinner doesn't come through your car window and that the buffet is not the answer.  It's caring enough about yourself and your family to stand up and say, we're not eating this crap anymore, we want food.  We want our next generation to know what real food is.  When I see a morbidly obese kid at the grocery store with his morbidly obese parent pushing a cart of chips and sodas and anything you can think of that comes in a box and is prepared in 2.5 minutes I want to cry.

I know it's not easy once habits are formed to change them.  Boy, do I know that.  I also know that it is damned near impossible to get a kid to eat grilled lean meat and vegetables when it's entire previous diet came in nugget form or off a buffet table.  But folks, we've got to try.  We've got to get educated and we've got to educate others, especially the next generation.  We're killing ourselves and we're killing our kids, and we have some really screwed up ideas of how to get fit and healthy.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose,


Saturday, October 11, 2014

PiYo Day 29


Took me long enough but I think Sculpt is the last new workout I have in the PiYo base kit.  I think I may have gotten a little cocky.  I'm not saying that I could do the whole thing perfectly, because there was a lot of various push ups which killed me about 2/3 of the way through, but the non-push up part seemed easier to me than the other workouts.  Then I walked up the stairs this morning.  Ouch!

It would seem that once again, PiYo has snuck up and bitten me on the behind.

Well played Ms. Johnson, well played.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hip Hop Abs Day 9

Fat Burning Cardio
Ab Sculpt

PiYo went so well I pressed on with some Hip Hop Abs.  I worked up a serious sweat and learned that maybe two pound weights are a little much for this particular workout.  You gotta hold those suckers up over your head for a long time.

In spite of a little inkling of pressure in my chest (which may be psychosomatic) I'm glad I got back to working out.

I'm down 5.4 pounds here on day 7 of the 21 Day Fix eating plan and I'm hoping that the double workout will keep that fire going.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PiYo Day 28


Well, I finally got the guts up to work out again.  I was putting it off after my trip to the ER because I just wasn't sure if my chest was going to explode or something.

Well, Sweat was tough and my chest did not explode.  So, I think I'll press on again tomorrow after work.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Monday, October 6, 2014

puttering around the Fix

Steaming Bowl of Awesome (well, I like it)

This is probably not strict Fix approved, but it's my first attempt at playing around with the portions.

This comes out to 1 red (protein), 1 yellow (starch), one green (vegetables), and one blue (fats)

1 yellow container  of red potato cut into fat match sticks
1 green container stuffed with the following:
                      diced sweet peppers
                      sliced mushrooms
                      kale (you can pack a lot of kale in that bad boy)
1 whole egg
3 egg whites
1 blue container of low fat mozzarella or mixed cheeses (the low fat mozzarella is approved, I'm not sure about the mix I used, but I used real cheese and stuck to the portion size)

Heat a skillet on just under medium high.  If you are using olive oil non stick spray, don't spray the pan until you are ready to put your potatoes in because the olive oil has a low smoke rate and it will get an ugly brown that makes your food look less than appetizing.

When the pan is hot spray it and add your potatoes.  Flip them ever few minutes til you get your desired doneness.  I like mine either brown and crispy or under cooked.  (Incidentally, IHOP manages to get both of these on the same plate, but I digress.)  Tators take a minute so be patient.

Once your potatoes are at least half done ( I go a little longer)  throw in your green container of veggies.  Again, let it go to your desired level of doneness.  TIP:  cut the kale into small pieces, it doesn't break down as much as spinach does.

At this point you can either skootch every thing to one side stir fry style or use a separate pan to fry your egg/whites.  I season my eggs with garlic salt grinder and my hash mix with Bacon Molasses seasoning.

When your eggs are fried to your liking pour the hash in a bowl and put the eggs on top, then sprinkle on your cheese.

I gotta say, this was a way tastier way to spend my one blue (fats) container than those 12 raw almonds.

Again, probably not 100% Fix approved, but pretty close.  And since I'm still losing about a pound a day, I'm enjoying the time before I have to get super strict.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

21 Day Fix

Day 4

Well, it's day 4 and I'm down 3 pounds.  Hopefully Monday I can start doing the workouts and things will move even faster.

After spending the wee hours in the ER the other day I am, quite frankly, reluctant to rock the boat.  The only time I've really ever had to go to the hospital for anything wrong was before I can remember.  Seriously, I've never more than broken a toe.  So, being in pain that was harsh enough and prolonged enough to make me relent to getting drugged up in the ER is a serious blow to my vision of immortality.

But, time marches on and so must I.  So, Monday is the day that I climb back up on the sweat wagon.

I'll probably dig out my heart rate monitor out of sheer paranoia.

On a brighter note, we're on a diet, yet there is more food in our fridge than there has been the entire time we've lived here.  Ironically, (despite what the BF thinks) we are actually eating a wider variety of foods than we have since the move.  Heck, there are 4 different types of fruits and several different vegetables and greens in the fridge right now.  Kale isn't just for tortoises, who knew?

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose,


Saturday, October 4, 2014

21 Day Fix

Well, 21 Day Fix did not start off with a bang.  In fact it started off with a trip to the emergency room and some pretty gnarly pain meds.

After a day of really unhealthy foods the night before the start of our big portion controlled adventure, I went to bed with some major chest pains.  As in on a scale of 1 to 10 I was about about a 4 or a 5 for about 5 hours when the BF finally decided that I should probably go to the emergency room.

So, there I lay writhing in pain that spanned from a 2 to a 6 over the course of the next two hours and then spike up to about a 10 on two occasions.  Both of those 10's broke right through the meds without even so much as a how do ya do?

Finally got home at 8:30 AM and slept til noon.  But when I finally woke up I stuck to the eating plan.  measured every thing and refrained from the leftover brownies that are probably responsible for my gall bladder firing warning shots at me all night.

So, now it's back to sleep (hopefully) and I haven't even finished the other half of my allotted food for the day.  But I'm just not hungry.  I think ya'll will be forgiving when I say that I skipped my workout today.

Moral of the story...eating healthy is so much less painful than eating crap.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Friday, October 3, 2014

21 Day Fix

Day 2.

Well it's 9:27 PM of day two and I still can't eat all the food.  I'm full as a tick right now.

The BF is all grumpy and convincing himself he's completely deprived, but this is a crap load of food.  Just gotta give your brain 5 minutes to figure out you've eaten before you go in for more servings.

It's Thursday and it's a miracle if I ever get to work out on a Thursday, so I still haven't gotten to the workouts.  My first one will be tomorrow.   Not even going to mention it to Grumpy.

But thus far, I like this eating plan.  Yeah, I've forgotten most of what I knew about fruits and veg, but part of the journey is relearning.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.