Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Menu Board

Robbie Gurl's board, not mine
I was browsing around my gal Kal's pinterest boards (she's got a lot of stuff on there!) and I came across Robbie Gurl's menu board.

Now I've been getting a lot of, "I'm tired of the stuff we've been eating," at home so this looked like a good solution to me.  It also gives me an excuse to lock myself away for an hour a night and craft.  I'm not gunning it to finish this thing all in one night, because I like my crafting to be stress free.  So, I set a timer for an hour every night and work on this thing.

For $5 Robbie Gurl will send you all of the templates for your own board and about a 100 recipes to get your started.  Most of these are not clean recipes but they can be tinkered with to make them cleaner and there are templates for you to make your own recipes and categories.
Here's my work in progress, a couple more hour sessions
should get it finished up, then I can add some of
my Tosca approved favorites from my Clean
Eating books.

So far I'm having a really good time with this board and the BF was nice enough to go ahead and hang it for me so I can see how it's coming along.  I'm thinking we'll be able to test run it for the month of September.  I think this is a great way to get the family involved with meal planning and planning planning planning is how you really get a hold of eating right.  If your are prepared, you are less likely to go out and the eat crap that comes at you through the drive through window.

I'm also hoping this will help get a certain little friend of mine taking a little closer look at eating better.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Monday, August 25, 2014

One Out One In

On Sunday I get rid of one article of clothing that I just don't feel good in, but I also get to retrieve one from the back of the closet.

As I trim down some inches I get to take a few things off of the "doesn't fit" rack at the back of my closet and see if it does.  This week I got back my black stretchy mom jeans.  Yeah, they aren't the in thing right now.  They don't have those fancy pockets that make every woman's butt look flatter, but we buy them anyway.  But they do show off some nicely rounded hamstrings and a butt that is higher than it was last year.  So while the tie dyed tank top made me feel like an ugly trailer park porch sitter, these make me feel strong.

So welcome back black stretchy jeans.  Here's to not losing you to the back rack again.  (fingers crossed)

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good-Bye Weird Green Sweater

I am endeavoring to un-encumber and empower myself a bit.  One way of doing this is getting back on the fitness goals.  Another way is getting rid of some shit that I've been hanging on to.
I've got clothes in various sizes and clothes that I bought on sale or just because I was in a buying frenzy, that have collected up and that I have hauled through 4 different moves.

It's time to slowly say good bye to these things.  So to paraphrase the Marilyn Monroe classic.  Something's got to go (every Sunday).

Next on the chopping block is the weird green sweater.

I don't know where I got this sweater.  I'm probably about to learn that somebody bought it for me, but I've worn it twice, and that was like 9 years ago and I only remember feeling uncomfortable in it.  Not physically uncomfortable, just like it wasn't me...conspicuous.  I've decided that I don't need clothes that I don't feel good wearing.  

So, this sweater gets to start over.  It's been around a long time hanging out on my shelf in various homes, but I'm not dragging it along to another one.

Good-bye green sweater.  Hello extra space in my dresser.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

PiYo Day 11

Upper Body

Well, I'm thinking 2 workouts is just not going to workout on Thursdays right now, but I'm going to try to keep doing 2 on Tuesdays.  That way I can keep more legitimate rest days.  With doing twofers twice a week some of my rest days that are scheduled get swallowed up as either the 1st or second workout.  This sounds lazy to folks just starting their fitness journey, but folks, you need the rest days.  That's when your body rebuilds stronger from the work you've been doing.  Without rest days you keep breaking down and breaking down, but you never give your body a chance to rebuild.  A good night's sleep and at least 1 rest day a week are just as important as the exercise and the nutrition.  It's a three prong defense against getting old and soft. 

That being said Define Upper Body is getting a little less intimidating.  I don't think it's really getting easier yet, but I'm getting braver and pushing harder.  

I'm also noticing that this is only Day 11 and my biceps feel like rocks.  All of the muscles around my hips feel like they are being used, I mean to say I am sore in places that I feel like need to be worked.  That second set of padding above my butt, the sides of my hips that had gotten so soft, there are muscles all up in those areas and PiYo is using them.  Makes it hard to walk the next day, but as Tony Horton would say, "that means it's good, that means it's working."

This crazy no impact, no equipment workout is working the muscles without beating that crap out of my joints.  I'm loving it.  I think you will to, get it here.  

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

PiYo Day 10

Remember this move from yesterday?
Today I did it, 3 times without falling down.
It wasn't pretty, but I did it.


First crack at Core today.  I was a little scared when I saw that it was like a half hour when some of the others are 20 or 25 minutes.  I'm a little weak in the abdominal area and I get fatigued pretty quick with just the endless crunch variations in most workouts.  But this one was different, there was a good bit of standing abs which reminded me of my current struggle with balance.  Then the floor work had a lot of plank and side plank and dynamic moves, so I didn't feel like I was being crunched to death.

It was difficult, but attainable and I didn't feel defeated on the first try like I did with some of Ms. Johnson's other ab workouts.

I think I'm gonna like this one, not because it's easy, but because it moves quickly and it feels like it works without embarrassing me.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PiYo Day 8 (and 9)

yeah, fell down doing this, but I got back up again

Sweat and Lower Body Define

Since school has started and I'm not actually attending this semester (ACT prep and observation hours to knock out) I've decided on two workouts a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Unfortunately, I've taken like 9 days off using 8 hours workdays and the monthly curse as an excuse.  Yeah, lame excuses.  So, the first day of doubles is also my first day back at it in over a week.  I'm thinking tomorrow is not going to be a fun day.  But every workout makes you stronger, right?

Only my second run at Sweat, and what I have learned is that I am uncoordinated and not at all flexible.  Not at all flexible, hence the need for this program.

But right now in spite of a dodgy diet and sporadic workouts I am wearing my black "mom" jeans that I have been too tight all summer.  So I'm headed in the right direction.  I just need to tighten it up.

Sweat hard folk and go live this year on purpose.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PiYo Day 7

I learned that lesson, don't take a week off.

Upper Body

What we've learned today is...don't take a week off from PiYo to eat Key Lime Pie and cupcakes.  I once again indulged in the carb fest that is the monthly curse and I've been paying the price.  

I spent a week eating sugar and the occasional (is that really how that's spelled) actual meal.  Consequently, I have been tired all week, I've had digestion issues and the fatigue in my back has returned.  To top it off I got back on PiYo today and the Upper Body Define workout was even more brutal than it was the first time.  So, seriously, stick with the workouts.  Getting up early sucks but you don't want your body to remind you that sleeping in late, eating crap and not working out is even worse.

So, for now, I've been scared straight.  I'll be getting up in time to bust out these works that are rarely longer than a half hour anyway.  Upper Body is 19 minutes.  No excuses.  My excuses put me in a world of fatigue and pain.

Sweat hard and go live this year on purpose.  


Monday, August 18, 2014

Little Victories

I am determined this time around to earn back the clothes in my closet.  Even the ugly shit.

On that note I got my mom jeans back this week.  Yup they are unattractive.  Yup they come up to my ribcage, but their one redeeming trait is that they make me look like I have some seriously beast hamstrings.

So I put them on with a long shirt that covers up the fact that they make me look like a model from a booty magazine from behind and show off my rounded hamstrings.

Hey, you gotta start somewhere, and maybe a year from now they'll be on the Sunday chopping block because they'll just be too big.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Good Bye Putty Henley

Along with my PiYo promise to earn back my closet one Sunday at a time, I've decided that there are some items that I don't really want to earn back.

Let's face it we all have articles of clothing that have hung around too long.  Some of those are hanging on the back bar of my closet waiting to be rediscovered.  A lot of those things are wadded up in my dresser taking up space that some other things deserve more.

So, each Sunday, one thing goes.  I will say a heartfelt good-bye and let it start over somewhere else.  In most cases, they will start over in the dumpster.

First up on the chopping block is a shirt that I have affectionately called the putty Henley.  This is a prime example of an article of clothing that even though it fits, does not belong in my life anymore.

Let me explain.  When I left Douchbag's house after my home was destroyed I took all the Henleys.  I adore Henleys.  I'm pretty sure they don't look good on me, but I wear them anyway.  Some of his I took for spite, some of them I took because they reminded me of who he had pretended to be instead of who he actually was.  There were parts that I didn't want to let go of, no matter how much the pain and the anger said put him face down in a ditch.

The putty Henley is old and worn to that perfect smoothness that only just the right fabric ever attains.  It had the feel of that favorite loose sweatshirt in your bottom drawer only not quite as stuffy.  It's the early autumn equivalent of the favorite sweatshirt.

Unfortunately it was worn for a long time by pure selfish evil and having come to terms with that three moves later, it's time for Putty Henley to go.  It's a reminder of a self loathing frump that allowed a liar and a cheat to waste way too many years of her life.

Go away putty Henley, start over, somewhere else.  No amount of burning sage can smudge out the evil that has worn off on you.

Sweat hard folks, purge the things that hold you down and live this year on purpose.


Friday, August 15, 2014

A Few More Things You Really Want to Say at Work

I am not usually a mean spirited person, but retail makes you bitter and angry for pretty much the whole time your clocked in.  Here are the things that run through my head on any given day....

"If you are going to wear leggings with a short top, for the love of Pete, do some butt exercises."

"If you are over 16 and over a B cup, where a bra, even to the grocery store.  Please, we beg of you.  We are not going to pay the medical expenses if somebody steps on one of those."

"Parents, make your daughters put some clothes on.  We don't want to see them swinging on a pole or on a milk carton."

"It's not genetics that made you that size, it's the cheesey puffs, twinkies, cheesecake and 5 cases of coke in your buggy that you bought full price for and the two bags of old salad that you bought on clearance with the full price jar of ranch dressing."

"No, I don't see any Sock It To Me pudding cake, how about I sock you in the mouth and you just eat what I give you."

 "You look beautiful in your Sunday church clothes, too bad you didn't carry anything your learned in church with you."

"yeah Lady, we bake 12 boxes of Turtle Brownie cookies every day and them we just hide them in the bakery until closing time."

Sweat hard folks, and go live this year on purpose.