Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stuff You Really Want to Say At Work

"Yes Ma'am we do have those organic eggs, we just don't put them out because we don't want to give them to you."

"Yes Ma'am these items are going to be marked down.  Because we bake pies fresh every day just so we can mark down every single one of them."

"Yes, let me just put down these 15 things I'm trying to put away in the opposite direction of what you need because you are to frolicking lazy to go get them yourself."

"If you are fit enough to climb up and stand on the chair of that electric cart, you don't need the electric cart to do your shopping."

"No ma'am if you think that your electric cart is going to stop working, then take it up to the front and switch it, don't force somebody that was knee deep in another task to bring you one."

"Yeah, I went all the way to the other side of the store to crawl to the back of the freezer just so I could lie to you about whether or not we have frozen biscuits...ain't nobody got time for that shit."

"Yeah, I can write Congratulations on your 45th anniversary Tristan and Leopold in that 4 square inches of space in turquoise frosting on that cake.  Let me just get my frolicking wand." 

My favorite that somebody actually said to a 350 pound woman at the deli counter....   "I'am sorry about your wait (think weight)."  Which nobody would have thought a thing about if she hadn't turned beet red as soon as she said it.

I'm sure there will be more, cause customers are always just so delightful.

Sweat hard folks and if you come up with a reason to press on, let me know.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ah, The Union

So, I'm a southerner and most of the actual southern states (not the ones that claim to be southern because they have an accent) don't really go for unions.

But apparently in Kentucky they can force you to join a union in order to work.  This is some serious horse shit.  I'm single and I have no kids so the union is not going to do jack shit for me, so I'm not really interested in being forced to give them my money.

But after a little investigation I find out that my managers flat out lied to me.  They are extending my probation because they want to keep me out of the union as long as possible.  All that crap they said about my co-workers telling them I'm not working or that I don't want to do shit if I have to dig down in the freezer to get it...complete frolicking lies.  Apparently they do this shit to every body.

Seriously, can't wait for the BF to get out of school so we can move.

I just wanted a little bit of money for school in a job where I work hard enough that the day goes by fast.  I didn't sign on to be lied to by my bosses.  That's a shitty way to treat your employees.

But at least I get some amusing stuff to watch, like today the redneck version of the Croods came in and descended on the muffin table.  I decided that was a good time to go do one of the other 23 things on my to do list.  Never not be afraid ya'll, I'm surprised they didn't start flinging poo when they saw the mark down rack.

On the up side, down 10 pounds and an inch and a half of ass since I started working at....yeah, I'll think of an appropriate title later.  sleepy now

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose, even if it means working in a horrible place to get to your dream job.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Same Old Shit

Well, I'm a month into this retail job and I've already been thrown under a bus.
I took it as a necessity to get through school .  I have to keep reminding myself that it is a means to an end.
I went in with a positive attitude.
I go in every morning with the idea of making it a good day.
But I am quite literally working my ass off (lost 10 pounds and 1 1/2 inches in my hips since I started) and it's the same gossiping back stabbing bullshit that caused me to finally leave the previous job.
90 percent of the people working there are miserable.  I tried to ignore it and just tell myself that I'm just there for school, not there for friends, not there to get promoted or even to get full time.  Just work hard and take home the slave wage paycheck. 
In my first 3 weeks my boss defected to another store and a girl in the deli quit in the middle if her shift because she couldn't stand it any more.  Which hamstrings the bakery because we have to back them up. 
I can take the fast pace and the hard work, it makes the day fly by, and the rock bottom slave wage reminds me that I'm going to school for something better, but there is a limit to how much back stabbing and being used to cover somebody else's ass I'm willing to take at minimum wage.

Sweat hard folks, I have some applications to fill out.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back on Track

So, I'm kind of not feeling the full on programs right now, and I have to take it easy with the gimpy foot.  So, I'm slowly adding Hip Hop Abs workouts to my Pure and Simple Stretch and then I'll add the PiYo workouts.  I'll still get the benefits of the workouts without the pressure of having to stick to a calendar.  And I get to dabble in all my programs for an hour a day.  Just a little more emphasis on stretching right now.  50/50 cardio and stretching this week.  Up the cardio a little next week.

Slow and steady wins the race.  On the bright side I'm down 7 pounds since I started this job.  I guess not being home worried about finding a job and eating has it's benefits.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on pupose,


Monday, June 23, 2014

Hip Hop Abs, Yo

I'm reduced to starting over with my foot injury.  Last week all I did was stretch.  Old school Karen Voight Pure and Simple Stretch.

Seriously the only thing I dislike more than stretching is running and I have a feeling I may never be able to run again.

But today I added a Hip Hop Abs workout and it was fun fun fun.  I laid of the jumping, but that aside, it was a blast.  I totally recommended for getting started or if you need an active recovery day.

Heck I worked up a sweat.  I'm alternating it with the stretching this week, maybe next week I'll be able to add another.  I want to get back to working out, but I don't want to end up not being able to walk again by jumping in too soon and screwing something up permanently.

We shall see what the rest of the week has in store.

Sweat hard ya'll and go live this year on purpose.


Monday, June 16, 2014


So, I've cashed two checks from my new job;  and I gotta tell ya, as fun as it is...the pay sucks.

I can still say it's fun even though I have been in excruciating pay pretty much since day one.  I've gained a bit of weight since my previous job and my feet are letting me know that it's time to get back to eating clean.  I have been having symptoms that point to plantar fasciitis for over a year and I think I may have developed a stress fracture in my right foot.  (Dr. Google)  Whatever it is, I just had 3 days off and a first paycheck and I blew off a trip to Hobby Lobby because I couldn't stand to walk anymore.  Shit is getting serious.

So, I've taken about a week and a half off from Zumba and things have gotten better.  I am hoping to resume in the morning, or maybe the day after.

All of this has made PiYo, Chalene Johnson's upcoming offering from Beachbody a timely life saver.  Big results with no impact.  It may be time to step back from all that jumping and beating myself up and just concentrate on pure and simple strength and increased flexibility.  I think it's going to be a welcome relief.

Sweat hard folks, and go live this year on purpose


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The F Word

No, not my favorite F word, the other one.

People assume that trying to eat healthy and getting some exercise is all about losing weight.  They assume that it's all about being fat.

I used to think that.  Every time I had to go shopping for clothes (I rarely enjoy shopping for clothes, I'm exceedingly bad at it) and I had to buy a bigger size I would vow that I was too fat and that I was going to lose weight.

I don't think that way anymore.  Yeah, it would be nice to get back into my smaller sized clothes. But really that's kind of a bonus.

I think about the fact that with every rep I'm getting stronger.  With every Zumba routine I'm building more endurance.  With every fat cell I shrink, I'm getting lighter which makes it easier for me to do everything.

That's what the good food and the exercise does.  It just makes life easier.  Everything you do every day is just a little bit easier.

So it's not about that F word "Fat" or that other word "skinny".  It's about  getting strong, it's about life getting easier, it's about life getting better.

Sweat hard folks, and go live this year on purpose.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Is Being Fat the Worst Thing a Person Can Be?

The quote to the right has been popping up all over Facebook, and I whole heartedly agree with it.  But that doesn't mean that there is no room for change.  Being fat or "overfat" as it is becoming vogue to call it isn't about personality.   Really this statement attributed to Ms. Rowling is becoming the new "curvy".  Remember when curvy meant that a girl had curves?  Now any woman over 300 pounds that doesn't want to stop eating cheesecake every night calls herself curvy.  I'm 96 pounds over my goal weight, I'm not curvy, I'm fat.  I used to be curvy.  When I say curvy I mean I was shaped like an hour glass not like a teapot.

But I digress.  This statement is now being thrown around by people I know who are indeed fat, overfat, overweight,obese.  This is being thrown around by people I know personally who are gaining significant amounts of weight every year.  Now, here is the part I agree with.  No, being fat is not worse than being a shitty person.  Being fat doesn't make you a shitty person.  What it does do is make you unhealthy.  What it does is contribute to diabetes and heart disease.  What it does is shortens your life.  So in some cases it makes you a selfish person.  Because if you are really a kind and generous person who has depth and isn't boring or vain, then by not taking care of your health you are cruelly taking yourself out of the lives of the people that love you sooner than you need to.

Think about an obese person with children.  Especially a child or children in a single parent household.  That child is going to emulate your fat habits.  That child is going to eat what you eat and in the amounts that you eat it.  That child is going to pick up on your exercise habits or lack there of.  Soon, that child is going to be obese.  That child is going to be obese from a young age and that child is going to develop severe health problems at a significantly younger age than you did.  That makes you a bad person.  That makes you a person who is, through selfishness or neglect, killing your child.

If as an adult you make poor eating choices and refuse to exercise then it's your own fault.  That's the decision that you made.  But if you bring a kid into this world and you don't bother to teach that kid what healthy food and a healthy lifestyle looks like and that child dies of some weight related issue that could have been prevented by introducing them to some meat that doesn't come in nugget form or off a buffet, then yeah I'm sorry you're a bad person.  An overweight adult is the adult's fault, and overweight child is the parent's fault.

So, no being "fat" is not the worst thing you can be, but making your child fat because you just don't give a shit does kind of make you a shitty person.

OK, so it's midnight and this might be a little harsh, but I really do feel horrible for these kids I see running around the store I work at that are already obese and are headed for a hard painful life.  A life where they will never know just what their bodies are capable of.  A life that will more than likely end when they should just be getting their second wind.

Sweat hard folks, and go live this year on purpose.  I'll retire my angry soapbox for the night.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Been Awhile, Hasn't it

So, I've been off for a bit.
Here's the recap.

We moved.

I started Brazil Butt Lift.  It's a little corny but it's working.

I started Zumba for the Wii again, and here's why....

I got a part time job.  It has me on my feet for 8 hours a day.  So I need to drop some weight fairly quick to cut back on the amount of ibuprofen I have to take to get through the day.

I learned how to use my phone to deposit my checks, cause apparently my browser sucks at at it.

And down 7 pounds since the start of the new job.

oh yeah, and I'm down to just sewing up seams on the hoodie.  Pictures forthcoming.

That is all that's been happening in my world since I left you.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose,


Friday, May 2, 2014

Brazil Butt Lift Day 2

Cardio Axe and High & Tight

Low impact cardio, I worked up a little sweat.  It definitely wasn't a TurboFire kind o sweat, but this routine definitely worked my legs.  Really fun but a little complicated.  With each new program I gotta learn to move a little differently.  That's a good thing.  It causes different muscles to fire and it causes change.

High & Tight is some standing work with a band and some old school Jane Fonda kind of floorwork.  Not a big fan of Jane Fonda for veteran/political kinds of reasons, but she was kind of a pioneer in the home exercise field so that's all I'm gonna say about that.

I have no doubt that tomorrow I shall once again be sore and walking funny.

Viva la new bum bum.

Sweat hard folks and go live this year on purpose.


PS:  down 2 pounds, 97 to go.